Sunday, 4 July 2010

macoroni sausage fritatta

Macoroni sausage Fritatta

For this recepie I pre cooked the macoroni and the sausages.  Once the macoroni was cooked which takes about 5 minutes or so.  Taste to check if its done.  Leave asside in a dish and fry the sausages.  Once fried slice the sausages and leave in the pan.  Put in the drained tin of sweetcorn and the macoroni.  THen beat 3/4 eggs depending on size of egg.  Add in salt and pepper to taste.  Remember add  a little and taste to see if you need more.  It is easier to put in more than to take some out.  Stir egg mixture and pour over the mixture in the frying pan.  I dont use any oil in this recepie as the sausages are greasy enough.  Cook on medium heat like you  would an omlette and slice and serve when cooked. 
you can serve this with chips or salad or on its own. 


Potato herb and caper salad

Hi everyone

Yesterday I had some left over potatoes from the fish pie I made.  I used new potatoes as my potato topping rather than mashed potatoes. 

cooked new potatoes
pickled jalepino peppers
light mayonaise.
fresh corriander from your herb garden

Anyway onto the salad.  I quarted the already cooked new potatoes and added in a handful of capers.  Then I finely sliced some pickled jalepino peppers which I absolutely love, into the mix and a big dollop of light mayonaise.  You can use normal mayonaise but I am on a diet and trying to loose the weight I put on on honeymoon.  add in the finely chopped corriander.  I dont think that dried herbs would have the same taste effect for this dish.  Though you could try it and then tell me if I am wrong.  Mix all the ingredients and serve.  We had ham and cheese (ok not that much of a diet) and mustard sandwiches.  Yum.