Wednesday, 16 February 2011


Herbs For Cooking

I have been wanting to do a cooking blog for sometime now but never really got round to it.  That is about to change.  Today 16th Febuary 2010 I am going to start.  I have grown up with cooking.  My dad was a chef and he had his own restaurant in Spain where he lived for some time.  Keith Floyd used to go to his restaurant.  I always used to be in the kitchen with my dad but I never took an active roll in cooking until after he died.  Isnt that always the way?  I did a hotel and catering course but even then it wasnt until my Fiance and I got our own house 3 years ago that I started cooking.  I discovered I loved cooking and baking also.  I feel that my dad is close when in the kitchen especially when cooking my favourite meal Spaghetti Bolognaise.  Yum.  Today I am going to go over some of the herbs that I use.  I love to use herbs and have a nice collection building up.  I also have a few fresh ones growing in my garden.

  1. Basil, very good for fish, and vegetable dishes.  I love basil in just about anything.  Fresh basil and tomatoes make a great mix

  2. Rosemary.  I have this fresh and dried.  I love to use it on meat, and in casseroles

  3. Coriander.  I think this is one of my favourite herbs.  It smells lovely and again I love to use it casseroles and spaghetti bolagnaise.

  4. Garlic.  An essential herb that I use in spaghetti bolagnaise and pasta dishes.

  5. Dill.  I like dill in casseroles and vegetable dishes.

  6. Thyme. Again in casseroles and pasta and also meat dishes

  7. mixed spice.  A great general herb mix
Sea salt and Pepper.  I add these into almost anything but only lightly.

I am very intuitive with my use of herbs.  I dont tend to measure exactly the amount I need.  I taste to see if I have enough or need more.  Remember to add herbs little by little.  It's easy to put them in but not so easy to take them out.