Sunday, 4 July 2010

Potato herb and caper salad

Hi everyone

Yesterday I had some left over potatoes from the fish pie I made.  I used new potatoes as my potato topping rather than mashed potatoes. 

cooked new potatoes
pickled jalepino peppers
light mayonaise.
fresh corriander from your herb garden

Anyway onto the salad.  I quarted the already cooked new potatoes and added in a handful of capers.  Then I finely sliced some pickled jalepino peppers which I absolutely love, into the mix and a big dollop of light mayonaise.  You can use normal mayonaise but I am on a diet and trying to loose the weight I put on on honeymoon.  add in the finely chopped corriander.  I dont think that dried herbs would have the same taste effect for this dish.  Though you could try it and then tell me if I am wrong.  Mix all the ingredients and serve.  We had ham and cheese (ok not that much of a diet) and mustard sandwiches.  Yum.


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